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I had the most memorable, fun and heartwarming experience traveling to Cuba on Rob’s Cuba Cochinito tour. Rob is extremely knowledgeable about Cuban culture and knows all of the greatest restaurants, bars, sites and cultural experiences to be had. Our trip took us to Havana and Vinales where we had the chance to meet Rob’s Cuban friends and really get a proper experience of Cuba without it being super touristy. Some of my favorite moments were spent playing dominos at a Cuban birthday party in Havana and having a home cooked meal on someone’s farm in Vinales. If you decide to go on a Cuba Cochinito tour, I can promise it will be one of the most impactful travel experiences. Can’t wait to go back!  --NJ Friedman April 2018

I went to Cuba with Robert and a friend for a week in April. The trip was fantastic. Since Robert has been visiting Cuba for many years, he knows exactly how to customize the experience. He has befriended Cubans who are in dance groups, grow tobacco, make art, and so much more. In the months leading up to the trip, Robert filled the itinerary with activities tailored to our interests and gave us a very detailed information packet. Once there, we didn’t have to worry or think about a thing. He arranged all the lodging, transportation, meals, and activities which made the trip seamless. We saw the main tourist sites which were great, but what made Cuba so wonderful for us was meeting all of Robert’s Cuban friends. Even though they don’t speak much English, we were able to communicate through dancing, smoking cigars, and eating together (along with Robert’s translation help!). Some of the highlights included a private salsa lesson, excursions to gorgeous beaches, and horseback riding through the Viñales valley to a tobacco farm. We certainly wouldn’t have had these experiences without Robert. Though visiting Cuba without a guide is possible, this trip felt like a once in a lifetime experience and was well worth the money. I highly recommend Cuba Cochinito! --Alex Anderson, April 2018

"You MUST go on this trip!!!!

I was lucky enough to travel to Cuba for a second time in 2016 with Cuba Cochinito Tours. While I've been fortunate enough to travel to a number of countries across the globe, Cuba, by far, is my favorite place to visit and Cuba Cochinito Tours will put you in the areas, neighborhoods, and cities you absolutely need to visit in order to get an authentic Cuban experience!  As an African American man, visiting Cuba carried a very special meaning and served as an extremely unique experience. Understanding that Cuba's recent history and culture is deeply intertwined with the black American experience- from Fidel Castro's visit with Malcolm X at Hotel Theresa in Harlem to black hip-hop artists visiting Cuba to help Cubans launch their own brand of socially conscious rap- Cubans understand, respect, and honor the struggles that black America has faced. And if you're a black American, you will feel their empathy, pride, and support in a way that words cannot describe. Don't get me wrong, my experience with Cubans has been one where they are inviting, kind, generous and loving to all visitors, but I've never been in a country where the mere knowledge of the fact that I was a black American drove a complete stranger to tears. Literal tears. And the rest of that night we shared drinks and exchanged stories in broken Spanish and English of our experiences in our respective countries. It was a night I will never forget, one that isn't an anomaly in Cuba, and it's something Cuba Cochinito Tours 'gets' and facilitates.  In short, whatever your race, creed, culture, national origin, or any other aspect of your personal story, Cuba should be on your bucket list of countries to visit. And Cuba Cochinito Tours MUST be the way you visit the country. You will never forget the experience and you will return with a lifetime of memories and new outlook on the world around you. I promise you this!"
--Na'eem Salaam April 2016

"From the time we first heard about you as a guide and then planned with you, you were able to create a shining discovery that fulfilled our visions.  The trip you led us in creating will live with us our whole lives." --Rick Chertoff January 2016

"Wow!  What a journey.  I can hardly believe the richness of our experience here in Cuba with you.  No other tour could have given us what you gave us . . . an authentic interchange with the Cuban people.  So many doors were opened for us.  You did that for us.  Thank you Robert for your hard work and dedication to our group." --Dena Chertoff January 2016

"To say this was quite an experience would be an understatement. There is so much that I will need to process after this is over.  But most of all I will remember so many moments that filled my heart with joy and all because you provided the means and opportunity for me to explore and experience this beautiful culture.  Thanks Robert.  Many thanks and gratitude." --Monica Farassat January 2016

"Thank you for opening a door for me to see and learn about Cuba's culture, sites, food, and mostly its magnificent people.  Your passion and love for Cuba is inspiring!  You are #1 in making connections!  Thanks to your connections I was able to make some too!  Thank you for giving us an experience of a lifetime!" --Rivka Ben Daniels January 2016

"Thank you for a marvelous trip and an experience I will never forget.  To meet so many gracious Cubans made this adventure so much more enriching and I appreciate your hard work and foresight in providing this for us.  I hope you will have many more trips and tours that will give you great satisfaction through the coming years!" --Al Goodman January 2016

"What a magical trip! Rob was a terrific guide, balancing the obvious tourist sights with the off beaten treasures. I felt like I got a glimpse of the true Cuba, when we met some of his friends and shared a meal off the beaten track. I highly recommend Rob as a guide. His passion for Cuba is contagious. You will not be sorry." --Robin Shapiro June 2015

"We had never travelled with a guide before and were, I have to admit, a little apprehensive about having someone else plan our trip.  Rob allayed all our fears from the beginning.  He listened to our concerns and interests and planned a trip that was perfect for us.  He is a fantastic guide and a lovely person with an infectious love of Cuba. And we loved having the opportunity to see a Cuba that would not have been available to us without his knowledge and connections.  Go Now!"--Peggy Flood June 2015


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