Connect with Great People

Cuba Cochinito's Connection Opportunity Highlights


  • Meet Ronier, Kenia, and Suset, members of the Okan Tomi folkloric dance company.  Awesome dancers and wonderful people.
  • Meet Lazaro Salsita, an amazing artist and joyfully eccentric individual who lives and works in the Cayo Hueso neighborhood of Centro Havana
  • Attend a typical Cuban party in the Marianao neighborhood with Ronier, Kenia, and Suset, and friends
  • Meet Zulema Carrion, a physics professor at a college that trains nurses
  • Meet Sigfredo Barros, Cuba's dean of baseball sports writers
  • Cayo Hueso neighborhood solo walk, a great opportunity for YOU to meet people on your own


  • Meet and get to know tobacco farmer and horseman Jose "Pipo" Yanes and his family and friends
    • Pipo's wife Yoselis, an excellent cook
    • Pipo's elder son Daniel, a fine horseman and excellent small game hunter
    • Pipo's good friend and neighbor Humberto 'Chino' Malagon, a self-taught English speaker and country town entrepreneur
    • Pipo's main farm hand and quite the jovial character Castillo
    • Near neighbors and farmers
  • Meet and get to know the B&B hosts and home owners on the little dirt road at the edge of town where our cottages are located

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